Favorite lines from "Sing For Me".

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A little lyric action on this photo I took of Ryan Key of Yellowcard from Irving Plaza. Dedicated to Ryan’s Aunt Stephanie.

Photo by Tanya Gelman

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you never understood, you’re everything to me. gif

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Sing For Me - Yellowcard (Team Yellowcard version) (by chia1039)

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"“Sing For Me” takes the violin Yellowcard is known for and weaves it through a story about lead singer Ryan Key’s late aunt. It is a beautifully sad and poignant song about one woman’s ability to inspire strength and hope in those around her."

Rebecca Kovach on Yellowcard’s “Sing For Me” on WSN Staff picks for 2011  (via hopelessrecords)
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This is what I do instead of studying for my exam.

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Some questions for Eric Ceballos


Eric Ceballos is one of the people who appeared in the music video for Sing For Me. He was nice enough to let me ask him some questions. He also shared 2 pictures that were taken on the set with us.


How did you get involved in the music video for Sing For Me? Did you listen to Yellowcard before you got involved?

Eric: Actually a friend of mine that I worked with on another music video referred me. He told me that director Robby Starbuck was looking for actors and normal people for a very heartfelt Yellowcard video. I’ve always been a fan of them so I knew it would be a great opportunity. I’ve always loved Yellowcard, I listened to them all the time growing up… I remember when Ocean Avenue first came out! It was my anthem haha and another oen of my favourites has to be Light Up The Sky.


You are sharing something very personal in the video. Why did you decide to share this with the world?

Eric: Yeah I am and at first I was kinda hesitant just because my suicide attempt is really personal and not something I really shared with anyone, so to finally speak up was scary, for the world to see it was something else. But when I first started acting I always told myself that I don’t want fame or popularity, I want to speak to people… I want to be a voice for the underdogs, the misfits… I want to help people. Especially with all the bullying and suicide rates rising, I knew it would be perfect timing. I kinda put myself last on this project, I simply wanted to help other people with the same problem. Depression doesn’t discriminate, it’s very real and it can make you feel really alone.


Photo from Sing For Me set #1


What was the making of the video like for you?

Eric: It was a blast! The first day I filmed my scene, was at a friend’s house in L.A. The director wanted a more personal setting for every story, so it was pretty easy. The second day of filming was so fun. It wasn’t my first time on a music video set but we got to film in Simi Valley, at the Big Sky Movie Ranch where they filmed The Little House On The Prairie and the last scene of Transformers! This isn’t your typical ranch where just anyone can visit, you have to have permission and you have to be a part of something pretty big to go there so I felt very honored. We had to literally be shuttled up a big rocky mountain to set, on top of a hill, at night, in the cold, overlooking Los Angeles. I actually got to ride to set with the band, just them and I. That’s when the entire cast got together and hung out and we got some personal time with the band. It’s not something I’ll soon forget.


What do you think of the video now that it’s all done?

Eric: First let me say that the director did an amazing job. It’s above and beyond anything I expected, he truly has an amazing vision. But I love the video, I feel very blessed to have gotten that opportunity and to work with a group of great, young, strong people. The support and feedback I’ve gotten has been unreal! I’ve had the pleasure of talking to a lot of people and hearing their stories and how mine has helped them. That makes me so happy. That’s exactly the reason I signed on to do it.


What do you think of the Sing For Me Project?

Eric: I think it’s awesome! To have a support group such as yours where people can come and share their stories and talk about Yellowcard. It’s just so cool and to keep Ryan’s aunt’s memory alive like this… I’m sure his family would be very happy. I am thankful for projects like this (: It makes me feel like I’m a part of something special.


Photo from Sing For Me set #2


You told me you have a couple more projects coming up. Anything you can tell us about?

Eric: Well I can’t say too much. I wish I could but one thing I can say is that I am a part of the organization called “My Life My Power” which helps raise awareness on suicide, bullying, drug and alcohol abuse, etc. A lot of celebrities have put their name on this project and my PSA should be coming out really soon! Also I have a bracelet line coming out soon to raise awareness on suicide (inspired by the ones I wore in the video) but with different sayings and positive messages. Half the money earned will go to the Jed Foundation! So stay updates on my twitter:





 Do you have anything else you want to say or share with the people of the Sing For Me Project?

Eric: To keep your head up, stay strong. Life isn’t easy and this world can make you feel small but you’re special. Everyone has a purpose. Never be bullied into silence, if you have something to say or dream of changing the world in any way, go for it! The sky is the limit. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t do something… And remember that you’re not alone. It gets better <3


Once again, thank you for answering some questions. I really appreciate you taking the time to do it.

 Eric: Thank you for having me (: and keep up the amazing work!

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